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I have decided to do my page using the WikkiTikkiTavi:WikkiTikkiTavi engine, which looks like an interesting toy; this experiment should show whether it is useful to me.

Wikki was designed as a community-developed website and I am currently allowing anybody to make changes. While realistically I doubt that anyone will discover this page for months, and even if discovered probably would not be that interesting to more than a select group of people, my biggest fear is that one person will come through and try to wipe all my pages off the face of this host (and probably get me in trouble with my provider too).

All in all, this looks like a neat way to quickly design and edit web pages, albiet with a much smaller command set than is available with HTML. Wikki appears to make people concentrate on information content of pages, and encourages a large number of hyperlinks, causing Wikki's to quickly become large webs of information, if maintained well.

It will be interesting to see what happens.