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I work on random stuff as I get bored and/or run into stuff that feels like it needs fixing (i.e. I can't get something to work or I need to get something to work and can't find anything out in the world wide web that looks good enough) If I get "stuck" on a project for too long I find I tend to abandon it and go to something a little more interesting (unless it is of fairly high importance, then I tend to revisit). In the end all these projects need to be "fun" for me -- I do too much stuff for my day job for me to come home to something I don't want to do (and don't need to do)

Evochron Workaround

The Problem: I wanted a space game, downloaded and tried out Evochron Renegades but found that it would give fatal ERROR codes everytime I ran it. Analysis with the author indicated that it was incompatible with antivirus programs and that I needed to either switch to one he was using or run without. That sounded like a really strange answer to me.

The Solution: I wrote a small program to run inside the Evochron process and modify some of its file caching methodologies to reduce strain on the AV program I was using (and yes I did eventually figure out how the AV program was interfering with the game).

Current Status: This patch works for Evochron Renegades and Arvoch Conflict, Legends appears to no longer have this issue (but was way too slow for the machine I had at the time). It does not interfere with registration or any kind of copy protection that I know of -- I did purchase and register the game I was trying. Project completed to my satisfaction, distribution restricted unless/until copyright holder notices and officially doesn't care.