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"Out of the way!" [Gehn] gasped, then, lifting the huge stone with both hands, heaved it right through the middle of the slab, embedding it in the wall.

-- Book of Atrus, Chapter Nine: How Gehn solves puzzles

I don't have terribly many plans for this site, so I will not be terribly disappointed if it doesn't take off very quickly. I'm not certain how much time I can invest in it either. I *do* have the space on this account though, so I would not be terribly frightened if it does ;-)

Having said that, there are a couple reasons why I created this site among the plethora of sites that already exist:

  • Information Storage - One thing I really don't like about the online D'ni world--but will probably have to endure--is the idea of loss of information. I was so worried that sirrus.cyan.com was going to disappear when the D'ni Guild was created that I spent most of a day copying sirrus onto private storage (Sirrus gladly did not disappear, and the archive remains sealed on my hard drive). I was thinking of the fate of The Cave when I registered dnilibrary.org domain in the first place.
  • Rants - Blogs are not always the right context in which to run long dissertations about how linking works, for example. Blogs are a good places to have discussions about the finer points, but sometimes I would like to have a place where I can just say it all. I will most likely be placing my more rant-like pieces under the ErikAnderson directory.
  • Community - Okay, this one came up after a brief conversation with someone on CyanChat, and is the reason I took the time to create this website. The idea of building this on a WikiWiki board makes it (1) especially easy for me to add and edit content, and (2) allows others to do the same. Now everyone can have their own rant-space, keep it seperate from everyone else yet accessible, and not have to go get a web account to do it.